Congratulations on your big move! What an exciting time! Since moving tends to be a bit stressful, I have put together this list of tips & tricks to help make your move as easy as possible.

1. Collect Boxes, Boxes & More Boxes

First things, first. You will need boxes….. LOTS of boxes. Be thrifty & try to score some for free. (Try stores, craigslist, neighborhood groups or look out for friends giving them away after their own moves.)

2. The Purge

Now that you know you’re moving with an official date set, it is time to declutter & organize. (This is also a great exercise to practice every couple of years.) This will ensure that you’re only taking what need. Your goal is to get rid of the things that will waste your time & your space during your move. The best way to approach this is the 3-Pile Method:


A little advice here, be ruthless with your stuff.

  • That cute coat in the closet that you haven’t worn in 2 years sing a short “let it go” then donate it or purge it (depending on what kind of shape it’s in.)
  • That pan you love because it was part of the first set you and your significant other bought together, but it has started to rust, purge it. Just throw it away.. seriously, nobody wants your rust!

3. Have a Plan

Moving can feel crazy and chaotic. Save your self the anxiety and come up with a schedule of things that need to be done for moving. Include things like, changing your address, contact banks & utility companies, pack dining room, etc. Accomplishing small tasks make you feel like you’re accomplishing more 😉

4. Cover Hanging Clothes with Garbage Bags (no, Seriously!)

This has got to be one of the greatest A-HAs I’ve ever exerienced. I cannot even begin to explain how easy this made transporting our clothes on hangers. HOW TO: Gather a few things on hangers (10-20pcs.) Open the bag around the bottom of the clothes and tie the bag off at the top. Not only does this keep your clothes clean, it also makes it easier to hang them back up later.

5. Label Your Boxes Like Your Life Depends On It

As you’re carrying dozens of heavy boxes in to your house, the last thing you want is to wonder where each one is suppose to go. Keep from having to move them twice – label each box by the room it needs to be in. Either use a marker or colored stickers. Whatever system you use, make sure it’s easy to identify which room these boxes belong in. (Consider labeling them on the sides, that way you know where they need to go, even if they’re stacked.)

6. Utilize What You Already Have

Instead of spending beaucoups of money on bubble wrap or packing peanuts, consider using towels and clothes to wrap your breakables. Think about it, these are things that are going to the next house anyway, why not use them to safeguard some of your fragile items?

7. Buy a Roll of Stretch Wrap

Think of this like saran wrap, only on a much bigger scale. Use it to group items together tight such a dishes or to group boxes together. Stretch wrap is also great to wrap your furniture. For pointed edges in danger of bumping into things, use a washcloth and wrap around it!

8. Invest In a Big Box of Sandwich Bags

When disassembling furniture, use a sandwich bag to keep all of your hardware together. You may even consider taking notes every step of the way so you can reverse engineer when it’s time to reassemble. Keep your instruction inside the baggie as well. Make sure to label each bag with a permanent marker and keep all of your bags together in one place. This works great for curtain rods and tv mounts as well!

9. Make Your Last Grocery Trip 2 Weeks Before Your Move Date

Remember, the more food you buy the more you will have to throw away. Instead, try to make it a point to eat everything you already have in your fridge, freezer & pantry.


10. Along with Pizza & Beer, Give Your Friends First Dibs on Anything You Planned to Sell or Donate

Also, make sure all your boxes are packed and ready before they show up!


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